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Spanish Christmas Lottery Online 2014

Play the World’s Biggest Lottery online!

Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad or simply Loteria de Navidad or the Spanish Christmas Lottery is played by 90% of the Spanish population (40 million people) each year. Now you can take part in the world’s biggest lottery online from your desktop or smartphone!

€2.5 billion in prizes awarded in 1 day on Dec 22, 2014!

On December 22nd, 2014 the draw for €2.5 billion will take place in Madrid and be televised on live TV across Spain and around the world. With a staggering €2.5 billion in prize money to be won, including the El Gordo jackpot, the Spanish Christmas Lottery is by far the world’s biggest lottery!

Hundreds of new multi-millionaires! Millions of Winners!

The Spanish Christmas Lottery creates more winners than any other lottery, including literally hundreds of new millionaires! With the best odds of becoming an instant millionaire, and a 1 in 10 chance of scooping one of the thousands of other cash prizes, it’s no wonder that millions of people buy Spanish Christmas Lottery tickets each year.

Pick the numbers you want, in the shares you want, when you want!

In Spain, Spanish Xmas Lottery sellers are given specific sets of tickets, printed with specific sets of numbers. Because the Spanish don’t get to choose their own lucky numbers many people will literally wait for days, or even travel to popular lottery dealers around the country to get the numbers they hope will win the El Gordo. Play the Spanish Christmas Lottery online however and you can skip the queues and choose whichever numbers in whichever ticket shares you want, all from the comfort of home!

A lottery for families and friends

The Spanish Xmas lottery is so popular year after year in Spain because it’s enjoyed together with others. Few people buy a full ticket to themselves but play multiple entries with different circles of families, friends, neighbours, colleagues and more. Play Christmas Lottery the Spanish way and improve your chances of winning) by buying multiple decimos (1/10 shares)!

Play the Spanish Xmas Lottery Overseas!

Until now it was impossible to take part in the Spanish Christmas Lottery unless you were living in Spain. However you can now enter Loteria Navidad 2014 online from home without the need for plane tickets to Madrid. Simply choose your ticket number and share and have your shot at winning the El Gordo or one of over £2 billion in prizes which will be given away on December 22nd.