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How to play the Spanish Christmas Lottery from Overseas

The Spanish Christmas Lottery can now be played online from abroad on your computer, smartphone or tablet! Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad awards more than €2 billion each Christmas to lucky winners including the world famous El Gordo which makes thousands of new millionaires! Until now the Spanish Christmas Lottery was only available to people living in Spain but now you can take part in the world’s biggest lottery by playing the Spanish Christmas Lottery online with Lottoland! No waiting in long lines. No kiosks sold out of tickets. You can now pick whichever numbers you like right up until 30 minutes before the draw on December 22nd!


  1. Use the up and down arrows to pick your 5 digit Spanish Christmas Lottery Number. Unlike when you buy your tickets offline you are not limited to the numbers in the series which your ticket seller has been allotted. Pick whichever ticket number you like!
  2. Choose your ticket share: you have even more options online than you do buying paper tickets - a full ticket (1/1), a half-ticket (1/2), a quarter-ticket (1/4), a decimo (1/10) , or smaller participations in 1/20th or 1/50th shares.
  3. Do you want to double your prize? At Lottoland if you select the Double Jackpot by moving the slider from Regular Jackpot to Double Jackpot you’ll pay a bit more for a ticket but it will be worth twice as much if you win the El Gordo.
  4. Click Submit and you’ll have your shot at this year’s El Gordo jackpot and over €2 billion in prizes on December 22nd.


Each year an estimated 90% of the Spanish population (about 40 million people) takes part in the Spanish Christmas Lottery spending on average more than €50 per person! Why is the Spanish Christmas Lottery so popular? Here are the Top 5 reasons:

  1. It provides and excuse for family time: the Spanish Christmas Lottery is not just a lottery draw, it is an annual fiesta that the Spanish look forward to all year long. The Spanish Christmas Lottery is a chance to gather with family, friends, workmates, team members and more to share in the drama of the draw as well as possibly a huge prize!
  2. It’s the “Robin Hood” of Lotteries: the Spanish Christmas Lottery is very different from the lotteries many of us are used to which pay out the majority of the prize money to a few extraordinarily lucky people. Rather than making a few people exceptionally wealthy the Spanish Christmas Lottery redistributes wealth amongst millions of winners, including thousands of new El Gordo millionaires.
  3. It has unbeatable odds: with 1 in 6 chances of winning a prize and a 1 in 100,000 chance of becoming a multi-millionaire no lotto in the world comes close to the Spanish Christmas Lottery’s odds. Compare that to (INSERT NATIONAL LOTTERY) where the odds are (1:XXX) and its clear the Spanish Christmas Lottery gives you a genuine shot at a Christmas miracle!
  4. Everyone can play: the Spanish Christmas Lottery offers players multiple ways to play, from buying full tickets for €200 down to participations for €6. The most popular way to play traditionally is to buy €20 decimos (1/10th shares) with different groups of family and friends. This makes each entry more affordable and increases your odds of being a winner with more numbers to make winning tickets.
  5. A Christmas tradition: the Spanish Christmas Lottery is an event with over 200 years of history dating back to 1812. One of the main reasons Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad does so well is that it makes an easy Christmas present since almost everyone enjoys playing. Can’t think of a good stocking stuffer? You can’t go wrong with a decimo for the Spanish Christmas Lottery!