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El Gordo - How to play the World Famous Spanish Lottery from the UK!

The Spanish Christmas Lottery, also known as El Gordo, can now be played online from anywhere within the UK! By far the world's biggest lottery, the Spanish lottery pays out £ 1,888,729,206 worth of prizes each Christmas. As much a part of the Spanish festive season as the traditional la Nochebuena meal or the los Reyes Magos (the three kings) who bring good children their presents on January 6th, for over two centuries the Spanish Lottery's unmatched payouts have only been available to those living in Spain until now!

Now you can play the multi-billion £ Spanish Lotto safely and securely from the UK

The Spanish lotto has been revolutionized by both the Internet and the open borders between European countries. These technological and political developments mean that is now possible for you to take part in El Gordo as long as you know where to play!

Unfortunately there are also a host of online Spanish lottery scams which have been devised by unscrupulous individuals hoping to take advantage of El Gordo's growing international fame. These websites have been designed to convince unwary and unwitting players looking to take part in the Xmas draw to part with their money whilst gambling that they will not win a big prize. There are many websites which claim to sell El Gordo lottery tickets but only a few which can actually afford to pay out the top prizes if you're a big winner! If you'd like to take part in El Gordo from the UK you should always make sure that you are playing with a reputable, fully-insured international lottery provider.

El Gordo Jackpot 'the Fat One'

Many people in the UK make the mistake of confusing the Spanish Christmas Lottery (or Sorteo Extraodinario de Navidad in Spanish) with 'El Gordo' which actually only refers to the jackpot top prize. The Spanish Christmas Lottery is so popular with the Spanish population that surveys have shown that over 90% of the Spanish population takes part annually, spending on average over £50 per person on tickets! It is truly a Christmas tradition like no other in the world, with families and friends waiting all year for their chance at a life changing win. Contrary to what you may assume, ticket sales have not been negatively affected by Spain's recent economic woes and political turmoil. Despite the high rates of unemployment it 's been predicted that this yearís El Gordo will be the biggest ever as millions of Spanish hope that one lucky El Gordo draw will improve their fortunes.

El Gordo Lotto - More Prizes for More Players

The El Gordo Christmas Lottery works differently from most UK lottos such as the National Lottery and EuroMillions. For starters, tickets (or "billetes") cost 200 Euro each! Not to worry though, of course you can buy full tickets but most people instead choose to buy into a 20 Euro portion of each ticket called a "decimo". If your decimo is part of a winning billete then youíll win 10% of the prize.

Another key distinction between the El Gordo and our lottos is the Spanish lottery is much less top heavy, in fact it was designed to "spread the wealth" and make as many winners as possible rather than awarding most of the prize money to a handful of individuals. The 'Big One' is worth 4 million Euro which is relatively small compared to lottos like EuroMillions, however the real appeal of El Gordo is the nearly 3 million additional prizes which are paid out. This method of distributing the prize money means that although you can't win as much as you could do playing EuroMillions or other major lottos, your actual odds of winning a life-changing sum of money are far greater with the Spanish Christmas Lottery. When playing El Gordo it is possible for there to be over 390 new Christmas millionaires and over two billion Euro of shared prizes, rather than just one unbelievably lucky jackpot winner taking home more money than they could ever know what to with!

The fact that participants have a realistic chance of winning a prize is the main reason for El Gordo's unsurpassed popularity and it fosters a sense of community and unity unheard of in the lottos which focus on making one person obscenely wealthy. Indeed, in Spain it is common for whole villages to purchase tickets for the entire community and distribute any winnings amongst all of their citizens! There have been several famous cases where virtually every member of small Spanish villages and towns have become rich overnight through a lucky shared El Gordo tickets!

The Spanish Xmas Lotto - not just a lottery, a fiesta!

For these reasons the Spanish Christmas Lottery is a truly unique experience to take part in, as much a joyous celebration as a lottery draw. People from across Spain gather together for El Gordo draw parties, often wearing extravagant clothing, hats and colourful costumes. The El Gordo draw is not just announced but sung by a boy or girl attending San Idefonso School, a facility formerly for the orphans belonging to deceased public servants, which is the charity which the Christmas lottery was originally created to help fund. In fact, it is still traditional in Spain for the winner of the El Gordo prize to donate a small portion of their winnings to the school.

Even for players who do not win any prize at all there is a sense of community good spiritedness which can only be found playing the El Gordo lottery. It is customary for those who have not won a prize to be reassured by friends with the platitude ìitís only health that really mattersî. And no matter if they win or lose, all of the players in El Gordo get to enjoy the fun of watching the results and celebrating with friends, colleagues and family.

How can I play El Gordo?

If you want to take part in the Spanish Christmas Lottery but live in the UK then we'd recommend playing through Lottoland El Gordo Europe's best independent lottery provider. Lottoland UK is the only website which lets you play El Gordo using British pounds and has of its all prizes fully insured by LLoyd's of London. It also offers the widest variety of ways to play, including not just options like decimos, but also a number of unique features allowing you to increase how much you can win!

If you're keen to play El Gordo you still have plenty of time to get involved! Tickets are already on sale and will continue right up until the 16:00 UK Time the day before the draw which takes place each year in Madrid on December 22nd. Playing El Gordo online has never been easier so donít miss out on your chance to participate in the worldís biggest and most famous lottery!